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Small Cosmetic Dental Enhancements in Fontana That Make a Big Difference

Health and symmetry are two of the core components of an attractive smile. While some of us may take excellent care of our teeth and gums, we may feel our smile is still lacking due to things like atypical enamel, stains, or tooth alignment. If this sounds like you, schedule a consultation with the best Fontana cosmetic dentist, Dr. Gochez, and he’ll guide you through the best treatments to get you to the smile of your dreams.

While dramatic smile makeovers can certainly be life-changing, you don’t necessarily need to “go big or go home” to help your teeth and smile look and feel their very best. Some of the most affordable cosmetic dentistry services that we offer can still significantly enhance the way your smile looks. Here are just a few examples of conservative aesthetic treatments that you may want to consider:

Teeth Whitening

— Perhaps the simplest and fastest way to help your teeth look their best is to have them professionally whitened. Brighter teeth tend to be more attractive and youthful looking.

High-grade professional teeth whitening services can erase 5-8 shades or more of stain, be they from coffee or natural enamel discoloration. Whitening is an excellent way to establish a baseline for your new smile, whether all you need is whiter enamel or plan to update the appearance of certain teeth. We use your brighter tooth color to match any new dental work against.

Dental Bonding

— Do you have a small gap, chip, or similar surface irregularity on your tooth? Bonding is non-invasive and only requires one appointment to complete. By shaping tooth-colored materials over the surface discrepancy, our dentist can essentially adjust the way the overall tooth appears. Each area is crafted by hand and then cured into place with a special light. Numbing may not even be necessary and results are immediate. Erasing just one or two flaws from your smile can change its entire appearance. Cosmetic bonding is certainly not always the best long-lasting option though. Be sure to consult with our dentist prior to treatment!

Single Dental Veneer or Crown

— Uneven enamel or atypical teeth can throw off your entire smile. Again, establishing overall symmetry is an integral piece of every smile makeover. By adjusting the shape of a single tooth (by covering it with a porcelain veneer), our Fontana dentist can complement the overall appearance of your smile. Or if the tooth is structurally damaged, you can achieve the same results with a full-coverage porcelain crown.

Clear Aligners

— Do you have a gap between two teeth or a few teeth that are overlapping one another? Clear Aligners provides discreet treatment to straighten teeth without any metal braces or wires. Aesthetic cases that only treat the front teeth can be completed in a matter of months.

Updating Older Restorations

— Perhaps you have outdated, stained, or metal fillings that are detracting from your smile’s appearance. Dr. Gochez can discuss potentially updating those restorations with more attractive ones, such as white fillings, porcelain inlays/onlays, or similar treatments.

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Whatever your smile concerns are, Hope Family Dentistry is here to help. Together, you and our dentist can co-plan a smile transformation experience that fits everything from your personal goals to your budget.

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