Children's Dental Hygiene Month Sealants Make Sense

Chino Kid’s Dentistry: Why Dental Sealants Make Sense

Children’s smiles are the adult smiles of the future, and it’s an important time to stress the importance of good dental hygiene and preventative care. February is National Children’s Dental Health Month, and the 2022 theme is around children’s dental sealants. Our dental team is jumping on board with the theme and spreading awareness about…

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Fluoride for Children's Oral Health

Chino Dental Office: Fluoride for Children’s Oral Health

Dentists encourage us to use fluoride so often, we may take this superpower ingredient for granted. But is fluoride really worth all the hype? And how can it benefit our children’s oral health? We’ll take an in-depth look at fluoride – and show you why your child’s Chino dentist is right to make the recommendation!

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children's dental anxiety

Overcoming Children’s Dental Anxiety in Chino

A trip to the dentist can be a scary event for a child. Especially the first visit, or if they had a bad experience their first go around. As parents, we understand the importance of routine exams and promoting good oral hygiene, but our kids often don’t. Dr. Gochez discusses what he has seen of…

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Kids Oral Hygiene Tips

Making Oral Hygiene Fun for Kids in Chino, CA

Proper oral hygiene is necessary for overall health in both adults and children. While as adults we can understand this, most children cannot. Sure we can explain to our children what a cavity is but do they “really” understand or even care? Chino dentist of Hope Family Dentistry finds it important to continually have oral health conversations as…

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