Denture Care Tips

Chino Denture Care Tips

Many questions arise when a patient is thinking of getting dentures. How will they feel? Can I eat with them? Will they look real? Do they hurt? But the question that is often forgotten until a patient wears them home is… “Wait, how do I take care of them?” Chino dentist of Hope Family Dentistry, Dr. Oscar Gochez, has listed out six essential denture care tips to ensure the life of partial and full dentures.

Caring for Your Dentures

1.Handle them with care. While dentures are made to be durable they can still break. Treat them as if they are real teeth. You wouldn’t bash your teeth on a sink or hit them up against the faucet. Hold them with both hands and place a towel or basin of water under them when cleaning. When transporting, use a case to help avoid dropping.

2. Rinse dentures after eating. Whether you’ve snacked or eaten a full meal, remove the dentures and rinse them with water. This will remove food debris. Also, you may want to rinse your mouth and gums. This will remove any unwanted food between the gums and dentures.

3. Brush dentures twice a day. Same as with your natural teeth you want to brush your dentures to remove plaque that can build up throughout the day. This will also help with staining. If any adhesive is used be sure to clean the grooves. The adhesive in the grooves can be a host for bacteria to thrive.

4. Brush with a denture toothbrush. Denture toothbrushes are soft bristled. Other toothbrushes are often too abrasive and can potentially damage the dentures shortening their life.

5. Soak dentures in cleaner overnight. There are many great denture solutions on the market now. Soak the dentures overnight in the cleansing solution to help keep the dentures shape and remove bacteria. Remember in the morning to thoroughly rinse the dentures to avoid ingestion of any chemicals.

6. Schedule regular dental check-ups. Regular dental exams with dentures are essential to your oral health and the life of your dentures. Your dentist will check for any changes occurring in the mouth and how your dentures are holding up. Another very important aspect is making sure the dentures are still fitting well. Ill-fitting dentures can start a host of problems such as sores and infections.

Hope Family Dentistry

Dentures are an investment and they should be treated as such. If the tips above are taken seriously increasing your dentures longevity should be no issue. With proper care, they can last upwards of thirty years! This does not mean adjustments will not need to be made from time to time though. Our mouths naturally change as we age and wear and tear will occur. If considering dentures in Chino or wanting more information on denture care tips contact the Hope Family Dentistry dental team.