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Best Solutions if You’re Missing Most of Your Teeth in Chino

We’re each only given one set of real, permanent teeth. Though they’re meant to last forever, more than 40 million Americans are missing all of their teeth according to the American College of Prosthodontists. If you’re one of the many of adults grappling with missing teeth in Chino, CA, you do have treatment options to restore your smile.

Full dentures, implants, and implant- supported dentures are the three best and most popular solution for men and women who need to rebuild and revitalize their smiles. Whether you lost your own teeth to tooth decay, injury, or disease, the following options could help you chew, talk, and smile wide once again.

Full Dentures

Dentures offer the easiest way to create a full smile once again. These removable appliances look exactly like real teeth affixed to real gum tissue, but they’re actually made of a carefully constructed prosthesis.

Immediate dentures are made to be placed in your mouth immediately after any remaining teeth are extracted. They’re temporary dentures to help you maintain functionality as your gum tissues heal. After a few months, immediate dentures are replaced by conventional dentures for permanent use.

Though it may take time and practice before your dentures feel normal, they’ll help you perform basic tasks like laughing, chewing, and talking. Dentures may also fill out the shape of your cheeks and counteract the muscle sagging that occurs with tooth loss. Many patients select dentures because they’re versatile and the upfront cost can be less than other more secure options. It’s important to note though, dentures do often need to be re-fitted as your mouth changes, they don’t prevent bone deterioration and the overall cost can be comparable to dental implants in the long run.

Dental Implants

Unlike dentures, which simply sit suctioned along your gum line, dental implants are installed directly into your jawbone to fuse with your bone and replace the lost roots of your old, missing teeth. An abutment and cap (dental crown) are placed on the exposed portion of the implant to create the appearance of a real, natural tooth. In fact, implants look so realistic that most people won’t know the difference!

Implants are considered the best tooth replacement option typically because they offer so many remarkable benefits:

● Strengthen jawbone and prevent bone deterioration
● Look completely natural
● Remain in place for the rest of your life
● Offer the full functionality of real teeth

You can opt to receive a single implant or multiple implants to replace your missing teeth and regain a confident smile.

Implant-Supported Dentures

Implant-supported dentures combine the best of both worlds. A few implants are placed along your jawline (how many are dependent on a case by case basis) to provide a way for dentures to stay firmly in place. This is an excellent solution when most teeth are already missing or are mostly damaged as you can place less implants yet receive a new full set of teeth.

Implant-support dentures still strengthen your jawbone, help prevent facial sagging and give your new smile a permanent, sturdy base. Depending on the type of denture you may have the flexibility to change and remove your dentures as needed or only the dentist will remove your denture for cleanings. It’s an affordable and reliable tooth loss solution!

Chino Tooth Replacement Treatment

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